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An underwater experience like no other

You’ll love the euphoric feeling of swimming with friendly dolphins, gazing at majestic manta rays underwater, diving with whale sharks and sharing the water with a multitude of nurse sharks, dancing the night away at a bonfire, feasting on the delicious, multi-cultural food on offer or simply lounging on the beach.

KANDU - an underwater experience in the Maldives like no other.

At Kandu we take a unique approach to travelling. We believe that to enjoy the underwater world to the full you have to understand and immerse yourself in it. So we will teach you about the amazing creatures you will encounter and how to interact with them in the water.

Launched in September 2022

Maldives Trip


January - May 2025

The KANDU team looks forward to welcoming you to a land that has granted many fatigued, stressed and over-worked souls inner bliss, solitude, peace and tranquility.

Discover the lesser-travelled Maldives with us and witness pristine reefs teeming with healthy populations of kaleidoscopic fish and a variety of large pelagic species, including whale sharks, nurse sharks, manta rays, turtles, napoleons, and dolphins, as well as swirling schools of barracuda and sting rays.

From $2100

September 2024

Welcome to our newest destination, Mauritius! Join our exhilarating whale watching trip this September, granting you a rare chance to witness the beauty of Humpback and Sperm Whales up close. While Sperm Whales call Mauritius home, Humpbacks arrive during specific months for their unique life events. Embark on this unforgettable marine mammal discovery journey with us!

Mauritius Trip

Originally from Spain but based in London, Carla has been an ocean advocate and diver for over 5 years.

Carla Virgos

Originally from Maldives, Nazykko has worked in the diving industry all his life. He brings over 7 years of experience as well as being the professional videographer and photographer of the team.


What our clients say

Small steps towards SDG’s

KANDU helps maintain the environment and the ocean

KANDU is eco-friendly, a trip from the ocean to the ocean. This means:

  • Limited noise pollution in the ocean.

  • Low speed around animals.

  • Education leading the expedition.

  • No single-use plastic items: no plastic bottles and no plastic straws.

  • Branded aluminum flasks provided for everyone.

  • Eco-friendly lunch boxes and cutlelry made out of wheat straw fibers and recycled plastic from the ocean.

KANDU helps maintain the environment and the ocean

Be ready to be enthralled by the Maldives and its white-sand beaches fringed by crystal-clear waters, vividly colourful coral reefs, amazing underwater marine life and friendly, hospitable people.

The adventure of a lifetime

What to expect from our trips

A life changing adventure

Learn about the animals you interact with

Meet amazing locals and like-minded people

Enjoy moments of peace in this tropical haven

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