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An underwater experience in the Maldives like no other - Kandu

KANDU - An underwater experience in the Maldives like no other

You’ll love the euphoric feeling of swimming with friendly dolphins, gazing at majestic manta rays underwater, diving with whale sharks and sharing the water with a multitude of nurse sharks, dancing the night away at a bonfire, feasting on the delicious, multi-cultural food on offer or simply lounging on the beach.

Launched in September 2022

At Kandu we take a unique approach to travelling. We believe that to enjoy the underwater world to the full you have to understand and immerse yourself in it. So we will teach you about the amazing creatures you will encounter and how to interact with them in the water.

On land, you will have the chance to live like a Dhivehin. You will be introduced to the culture of the Maldives, meet the locals, eat local homemade food and more.



USD 1342 / EUR 1220 / GBP 1080


– Knowledge and safety are at the centre of our trip.

– Support of the local community is key. 

– Immersion underwater goes hand-in-hand with cultural engagement on land. 

– Sustainability is our goal. Our initial motto, ‘from the ocean to the ocean’, is more than just words.

This trip is perfect for everyone: solo travellers, couples, groups and even families! All excursions depart from our base in the island of Maafushi. There is a maximum of 14 people per KANDU group.

The Maldives Adventure - Kandu

Be ready to be enthralled by the Maldives and its white-sand beaches fringed by crystal-clear waters, vividly colourful coral reefs, amazing underwater marine life and friendly, hospitable people.

The adventure of a lifetime

Small steps towards SDG’s

Eco-friendly - Kandu
Eco-friendly lunch boxes - Kandu

KANDU helps maintain the environment and the ocean

KANDU is eco-friendly, a trip from the ocean to the ocean. This means:

  • Limited noise pollution in the ocean.

  • Low speed around animals.

  • Education leading the expedition.

  • No single-use plastic items: no plastic bottles and no plastic straws.

  • Branded aluminum flasks provided for everyone.

  • Eco-friendly lunch boxes and cutlelry made out of wheat straw fibers and recycled plastic from the ocean.

Carla Virgos - Kandu

About Carla Virgos

Originally from Spain but based in London, Carla has been an ocean advocate and diver for over 8 years. After several solo trips to the Maldives, she created KANDU alongside Nazykko with a view to offering unique adventures to those who share her passion for the ocean.

Nazykko - Kandu Team

About Nazykko

Originally from Maldives, Nazykko has worked in the diving industry all his life. He brings over 6 years of experience and excellence in what he does and is incredibly professional and fun. He is as passionate for the ocean as he is for the animals that live in it and is the best guide when it comes to spotting these underwater creatures!

Meet KANDU’s dream team

Agu - Kandu Team

From Maldives


Photographer, videographer & instructor

Juman - Kandu

From Maldives


Guide & drone photographer

Shaafiu - Kandu Team

From Maldives



What to expect from our trips

A life changing adventure

Maldives Adventure with Animals - Kandu

Learn about the animals you interact with

Maldives Adventure Meet locals - Kandu

Meet amazing locals and like-minded people

Enjoy Maldives Adventure - Kandu

Enjoy moments of peace in this tropical haven

7 days felt like 1 month...

“7 days felt like 1 month in terms of the experiences we lived but also felt like 1 day because of the amount of fun we had! You are the best group of people, your energy and positivity is shining, and I am now more than grateful to be able to consider you family. Thank you for your hospitality, for the incredible food, for all the epic time we spent underwater and for making every second of this adventure unique and memorable.”

Benjamin Ortega – Bali

I do not have enough words to express...

“I do not have enough words to express the beauty of the place, the warmth that KANDU’s people give off and the overwhelming sensation of swimming in the middle of the ocean with incredible animals. I would repeat it a thousand times without hesitation, I highly recommend it to all people who feel like they need an escape, in need of an exclusive and unique experience, anyone who loves the ocean and wants to experience Maldives in a different way.


A HUGE thank you to Carla and her wonderful team for making it possible: great dedication, professionalism, enthusiasm, friendship, passion and +1000000000 moments of laughter!”

Silvia Codina – Spain

“KANDU is a life changing trip...

“KANDU is a life changing trip that everyone must experience! From swimming with manta rays and sharks to sharing stories over a locally caught and prepared meal, KANDU is an unforgettable adventure. Carla and Nazykko have built an amazing team that is extremely experienced, kind and unbelievably knowledgeable about the ocean and its amazing animals. I had very little snorkelling and no diving experience prior to the KANDU trip and left thinking that I can’t wait to come back, get my license, and continue exploring all they have to offer!


The love and passion Carla and Nazykko have for the ocean is truly inspiring and I can’t wait to go back and explore more with them.”

Ian Hislop – USA

“I have no words to describe these...

“I have no words to describe these 6 days I spent with the KANDU team! It feels like I was living a dream and I am slowly waking up from it. Carla is such a fantastic person; I am so glad to have met her! She was equal to the experience we lived: 10/10. Extremely grateful for the everything in this trio. It was INCREDIBLE!”

Lucie Rosiere – France

Join our next KANDU adventure to be immersed into this movie-like world!

Join our next KANDU adventure

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