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An underwater experience like no other

At Kandu we take a unique approach to travelling. We believe that to enjoy the underwater world to the full you have to understand and immerse yourself in it. So we will teach you about the amazing creatures you will encounter and how to interact with them in the water.

Launched in September 2022

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Maldives Trip

7 Days

The KANDU team looks forward to welcoming you to a land that has granted many fatigued, stressed and over-worked souls inner bliss, solitude, peace and tranquility.

Discover the lesser-travelled Maldives with us and witness pristine reefs teeming with healthy populations of kaleidoscopic fish and a variety of large pelagic species, including whale sharks, nurse sharks, manta rays, turtles, napoleons, and dolphins, as well as swirling schools of barracuda and sting rays.



Per person

What our clients say

Peter Neill

5 stars doesn't cut it. This is 7 star, unique experience!

Lucy Flatters

The most magical trip with memories I will absolutely treasure for a lifetime! Incredibly professional and educational.

Jess Tedds

Kandu was a life changing trip for me.
I went with zero expectations and left with a whole new family and unbelievable memories that will last me a life time.

Claire Birrell

I cannot recommend a Kandu trip enough, from beginning to end it has been the most amazing, well thought out and authentic experience.

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