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Welcome to Kandu's Private Trips in Maldives and Mauritius!

Private Trips in Maldives - KANDU
Private Trips Maldives - KANDU
Private Trips in Maldives and Mauritius - KANDU

Embark on an exclusive journey tailored to your preferences with our private trip option. Experience the same captivating itineraries and encounter the mesmerizing marine life of our standard group trips, but in a private and personalized manner.

Our private trips cater to various occasions, whether it's a family getaway where children of all ages are welcome, a romantic honeymoon, a memorable company retreat, or simply an intimate voyage among friends!

What sets our private trips apart is the flexibility to customize your schedule according to your liking. Whether you desire a leisurely exploration or an adventure-packed itinerary, we're here to fulfill your every wish.

To inquire about or book the private trip option, please contact us via the link below.

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