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In this section you can find a selection of the different media outlets that have written about Carla and KANDU!


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How Carla Virgos, an Entrepreneur, and Ocean Lover, Successfully Juggles Her Life between London and Maldives

Living in two places at once is not entirely effortless and comes with its own set of challenges; however, some enjoy the diversity and adventure it entails.

New York Daily Trends

Carla Virgos Believes Education and Awareness Can Change How People View Marine Wildlife

The world as we know it today is thoroughly divided. The prevalent mentality is us vs. them, and the by-product is hatred and intolerance that have trickled down to the deepest pockets of society. 

Latin Post

Travel Enthusiast and Ocean Diver, Carla Virgos, Shares Why Everyone Should Try Solo Travel

Traveling around the world with friends or family can be a rewarding experience, allowing you to live experiences that are cherished for the rest of your life.

New York Daily Trends

A Proud Advocate of Marine Life, Carla Virgos Is Raising Her Voice to Save the Oceans

Leading female entrepreneur, Carla Virgos, is an ocean safari expedition leader and an inspiring shark girl striving to create a better world.

Auburn Digest

Meet Carla Virgos, an Ocean Safari Expedition Leader and a Shark Girl Striving to Create a Better World

The common feeling all around the world today is disillusionment. Whether it is a 9-5 corporate worker who is dissatisfied with the trajectory that their life seems to be taking...

Net News Ledger

Experience the Underwater World with Ocean Guide and Diver, Carla Virgos

Carla Virgos, a well-respected female entrepreneur, and an ocean safari expedition leader, is the brilliant mind behind the success of ‘Kandu’.

The Chicago Weekly

Carla Virgos Reveals All That Drives Her Passion for the Ocean

Carla Virgos is today the founder of the ocean safari expedition company; Kandu, which in Divehi, the local language spoken in the Maldives, means “Ocean”.

LA Progressive

Carla Virgos | Freediver | Underwater Photographer & Videographer | London | Maldives

Originally from Spain, now based between London and the Maldives, Carla is on a mission to change the way people see sharks and the ocean.

Ocean Culture

The Inspiring and Passionate Carla Virgos Aims to Mitigate Marine-Pollution through Her Travel Company, Kandu

Amongst the most poignant realizations of our times is the damage we have caused to our sentient, non-human counterparts.

The Chicago Weekly

Here is how Carla Virgos will change the way you see sharks and the ocean

As far as the general understanding goes, sharks are horrendous predators that devour everything from their companion remoras to human beings.


Weaving Passion, Purpose, and Travel: Here Is How Carla Virgos Inspires Young Female Entrepreneurs

Despite the recent boom in the socio-political narratives surrounding women’s rights and empowerment, a significant change is yet to come.

THE Hustlers Digest

De los rascacielos de Londres a sumergirse con tiburones en las Maldivas

Carla Virgos es una 'shark girl', una chica tiburón que se siente más cómoda en el agua que en tierra firme. Pretende cambiar la percepción errónea que tenemos de los tiburones.

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