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Maldives Trip

6 nights 7 days


Island: Maafushi

Airport: Male Velana 


USD 1399

Total price

Experience the true essence of local life at Kandu. The hotel we stay at, deeply rooted in Nazykko’s, our co-founders' island heritage, isn't just a place to stay—it's his family’s guesthouse. Born and raised on this Maldivian island, Kandu goes beyond typical trips, offering a genuine immersion into local culture. Surrounded by friendly locals and staying in an authentic guesthouse, you'll discover the beauty of a heartfelt connection. We believe in giving back to the incredible place we proudly call home.



Per person

Availability Calendar

Group 1

January 5-11

sold out

Group 2

January 13-19

4 left

Group 3

January 21-17


Group 4

January 29- February 4


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